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Sorbothane® insoles absorb shock and provide protection to your body with every step you take. Made from visco elastic polymer, Sorbothane® insoles are excellent for everyone who walks, works, plays sports or spends long hours on their feet. Sorbothane® insoles have been proven to dramatically help individuals experiencing foot discomfort caused by medical conditions such as shin splits, heel spurs and ulcerations caused by diabetes. Sorbothane® insoles are widely recommended by doctors and sports medicine specialists to provide maximum comfort and protection. Sorbothane® absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock!
Sorbothane Ultra Work-Sport Shoe Insoles
Walking in comfort can be a joyous feeling when wearing Sorbothane® insoles. We wear these insoles when standing long hours packaging products in our Suspender Hut warehouse. Buy more than one pair of shoe inserts to insure comfort in several shoes.